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Ritchie Automatic Waterers

Thomas Ritchie developed the concept of the automatic waterer valve in 1921 in Oskaloosa, Iowa. Local farmers enjoyed the innovation and the first automatic waterers were built. From there our founder patented the first automatic waterer device and a business was born.

Since that time, Ritchie Industries has developed into the leader in watering innovation and now manufactures a complete line of livestock and horse waterers to the highest specifications in the industry. Automatic waterers are our focus and our specialty.

Richie automatic waterers are built from the ground up, from design to prototype to end product. This ensures quality from the very beginning.

Drinking Post Frost-Free Waterers

Like all great innovations, Drinking Post Automatic Waterers were designed in Rye, Colorado in the early 1970’s out of necessity. The seasonal temperature swings between summer and winter were dramatic and the available systems on the market, float systems or thermos type systems had drawbacks that made them less than ideal. This is what spawned the idea for the Drinking Post Waterer, over 50 years ago. What was developed was the very first non-electric automatic waterer.

Animal Pro Products

Animal-Pro Products natural digestive supplements were developed in 1994 due to the demands in the dairy industry for a complete prebiotic and probiotic supplement to achieve a more productive herd and increase the health of breeding stock. This digestive supplement has grown into Canada’s premier prebiotic and probiotic supplement that we feed today. Initially Animal-Pro supplements were created for dairy cattle, but product development quickly expanded to beef cattle, horses, sheep, swine, poultry, goats, rabbits, dogs, cats, specialty birds, and pigeons.

Today, more producers and animal owners are choosing the path of better whole body health through natural digestive supplementation. The results are more productive, happier and healthier animals.

Natural Alternative Grazers

Slow feeding, as recommended by both health care specialists and veterinarians, is noted as the best feeding method for grazing animals who have limited access to pasture. Although slow feeding benefits all grazers the advantages for equine, in particular, are substantial.

When they are left on pasture horses will graze continuously because their stomachs are designed for small but regular meals. When access to pasture is limited, horses are typically placed on a twice per day feeding schedule. Unfortunately, though, this leaves them without the ability to access fiber for long periods of time, putting them at risk for both health, and behavioural issues.

Otter Co Op

The CO-OP® brand is used by a network of retail co-operative associations across Western Canada that own and operate Co-op Agro Centres, Food Stores, Gas Bars/Convenience Stores, Home Centres, Pharmacies and more.

Your local association is a member of this network, which we call the Co-operative Retailing System. The associations are independent organizations owned by their members, who democratically elect a local board of directors to govern the business. The Co-op brand is built on the idea of being truly local and the promise of staying that way.

SMB Manufacturing

Based in Wallenstein, Ontario, SMB Manufacturing is a family owned operation founded in 1968.  They have been working with farmers for almost 50 years, building and refining their product line with a mission to provide innovative, durable, quality products that suit the requirements of today’s farmer.

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