Fana Naturals

Fana Naturals provides commercial beekeepers with high quality, affordable supplies and equipment. We are pleased to be able to offer same day shipping at bulk “container” prices.

 Fana Naturals wants to see Canadian honey and other bee products flourish not only locally, but on a global scale as well. Our team travels to different countries several times a year in order to attend trade shows to help promote Canadian bee products, develop new contacts and create new trade opportunities, as well as to source new technologies from Europe, New Zealand and Asia.
Not content to stand idly by, members of our team are also involved in the development of new, innovative equipment to improve bee product yields, honey collection methods, and increase production efficiency.

Heilyser Technology Ltd.

Heilyser Technology manufactures and distributes the Oxalic Acid Vaporizer & Thymol Strips – the most effective way to control Varroa and Tracheal mites.

Protect your bees with Oxalic Acid Crystals using our Vaporizer, which provides the most effective delivery method possible. The effective way to control Varroa Mite in your Beehives with an success rate up to 98.8%. Treatment 12 months of the year is possible as long as the temperatures are 3 – 5 degrees above the freezing point.

Heilyser Oxalic Acid Vaporizer – The best, easiest and effective way to control the Varroa Mites.

Lewis & Sons

Started in 1981 by Murray Lewis Lewis & Sons Enterprises came from humble beginnings. A retired shops teacher Murray started building bee equipment for himself in in his residential garage. The idea was to keep himself busy during the winter crafting the equipment that would be used in his fledgling apiaries. Murray built quality equipment that only he himself would use in his beekeeping operation, a tradition that is still kept by Lewis & Sons. What started off as a way to keep busy during the winter quickly grew into a year round business that employs 15 people.

Mann Lake

We provide beekeeping supplies to the beginning beekeeping hobbyist and the professional beekeeping industry alike. We carry a comprehensive line of hives and hive kits, protective clothing, queen rearing equipment, beekeeping tools, tracheal mite controls and varroa mite controls, as well as honey extraction equipment and honey bottling supplies.

The past 35 years have brought about many changes to Mann Lake and the beekeeping industry. With the passing of time, we are as determined as ever to ensure the survival of the honeybee for all. Regardless of the number of hives you have, we at Mann Lake have the same goal in mind as you…. to keep this “natural pollinator” flourishing.

Nod Apiary Products

NOD Apiary Products’ focus on honey bee health expanded when the dairy farmers on our team discovered that organic acids, like formic acid, could also be used for livestock. The Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) research on Acidified Milk Feeding Programs for the dairy cow, goat and sheep industries inspired NOD employees to investigate. The results were very positive and we launched the newest addition to our product line, Nature’s Way 9.8™. Newborn livestock can now have access to fresh milk 24 hours a day. When milk is acidified with 9.8% formic acid it reduces and, in most cases, prevents scours. With Nature’s Way 9.8%, young well-fed livestock are healthy and happier because they can drink as much milk as they want, when they want, which is especially important in colder climates.

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