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Fraser Valley Steel


Agriculture and farmlands today are offered a wide variety of innovative equipment, machinery and various products for cost saving solutions and increasing productivity. Wire fencing, which was introduced in the mid 19th century, has also come a long way in recent years offering producers a wide array of options. There are two main purposes for agriculture conventional wire or electric fencing.

Whether you are installing wire fencing on your property for the first time, or replacing old corroded fencing, the planning and choice of a wire fence should be carefully considered. Safety and security of the livestock would be the most important consideration. Cattle, sheep, horses etc. would all have specific requirements for fencing, where if not followed properly the animals are put at risk resulting in injury or death. Wire fencing for livestock acts as a barrier to block highway access, frozen ponds or ravines. Dividing pastures with wire fencing provides protection and safety of the farmers as well as the animals from one another if they cannot share the space.

SMB Manufacturing


Based in Wallenstein, Ontario, SMB Manufacturing is a family owned operation founded in 1968.  They have been working with farmers for almost 50 years, building and refining their product line with a mission to provide innovative, durable, quality products that suit the requirements of today’s farmer.

Fraser Pacific Livestock Supplies


Fraser Pacific Livestock supplies high quality panels, gates, panels and feeders of various types.    For more information, please visit their website.

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