Implements & Attachments


At Baumalight, we’re continually developing new prototypes and model updates and the best way to test them is in the field. When you purchase one of our pre-production or prototype models, you will receive a deep discount on the product. In return, we require product testing and for you to provide feedback on how the product is performing in your application. With this program, products do not receive labour warranty, but they do come with a 1 year warranty on parts* only. Baumalight understands that this program is not for everyone, but our product testing discount program offers benefits to the right type of person and we look forward to providing full warranty versions in the future once all product testing has been completed.

Braber Equipment

Braber Equipment was founded in 1969 by Bill Braber after he and his young family emigrated from the Netherlands to Abbotsford, British Columbia. Each year Bill would return to the Netherlands to purchase new farm equipment, which would then be sold to agricultural dealers across British Columbia and Washington State. It didn’t take long before a vacant lot next to the family home became a holding area for the equipment Bill brought from Holland, while the space under the family pool table became the “Parts Department.”

William Braber
In the years that followed, Braber Equipment grew quickly as Bill focused on QUALITY, SERVICE, SUPPORT and INNOVATION. These became the pillars that the business was built on, and it was Bill’s commitment to them that propelled the company forward.

HLA Attachments

Northern Acreage Supply has access to a large variety of implements through HLA Attachments.  Ranging from Blades and Forks to Scrapers and Grapples, we have equipment suitable to finishing any job.

M.K. Martin

MK Martin Enterprise Inc. was established in 1969 by founder Melvin K Martin. Located in beautiful rural Waterloo County, close to the town of Elmira, we are on 7 acres of Industrial zoned land. MK Martin is currently owned by the second generation, with the 3rd generation in the early stages of management.

Farm equipment manufacturing has always been, and will continue to be the main focus of MK Martin Enterprise. The product lineup consists of snowblowers, yard maintenance equipment, rotary mowers, finishing mowers, gravity boxes, grain carts, and strip till equipment.

To meet what you, our customers, expect from a Canadian manufacturer, we strive to produce quality equipment for an affordable price.

Wallenstein Equipment

Wallenstein began building log splitters over 25 years ago near the rural community of Wallenstein, Ontario, Canada. Originally sold direct to customers, these log splitters quickly gained a reputation for being of the highest quality with exceptional durability.

Early customers began talking about their “Wallenstein log 
splitters” leading to the “Wallenstein” brand name. The company quickly grew and within a few years Wallenstein log splitters could be found in national retailers and farm equipment dealerships across Canada.

Today, Wallenstein continues to build on the reputation for durability and quality, and produces multiple product lines used by satisfied customers around the world.

Wifo Farm Equipment

Established in 1967 and located in St. Clements, Ontario, Wifo Farm Equipment Limited is a Canadian manufacturer of agricultural attachments for 3-point hitch, front-end loaders and skidsteers. Wifo proudly supplies the North American market with high quality bale grabbers, bale grapples, bale spears, pallet forks and forklifts, scrapers, box blades and custom produce equipment.

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